My portfolio
from years of experience—
in graphic design.
—Sharon Rhiney
Empower Missouri brochure 2017

EmPOWer Booklet 2017

Empower Missouri is a social service, social justice advocacy group. Holiday adaptation of their regular logo. Postcard and event cover for 2017 were designed with superhero comic strip inspiration using Adobe Illustrator.

Housing Empowers 2017

Housing Empowers Booklet 2018

Design in action!
Thanks Empower Missouri
It was a pleasure!

Life Fountain Health website

Life Fountain Healthcare

A Wordpress site created for Life Fountain Healthcare, a POC-owned home healthcare company.

314Yoga website

314Yoga Website

314Yoga, was the first yoga outlet to connect yoga teaching with social justice in Saint Louis. The design was created with Adobe Muse.

Octavia Butler prose in After Effects

After Effects

An AfterEffects experiment illustrating the words of writer Octavia Butler using a retro mid-century modern design aesthetic.

Decorrise website

Decorrise website

A Wordpress site created for Decorrise, a Black-owned, women-owned business specializing in event and party planning, promotion, and personalized branding in Saint Louis.

Decorrise logos

Decorrise logo

The Decorrise logo was designed to be unique to the company and responsive to every use.

Decorrise animated digital content in After Effects

Digital Contents

Digital content
Made using AfterEffects
GIF was made with Spark

WFA Institute paper

Trade Paper

Ask the Institute
a financial trade paper for
investor guidance.

WFA trade paper

Trade Paper

PDF-only Equity Sector Outlook is a yearly industry paper for advisors and investors alike. Layout and design were created using InDesign.

WFA charts

Trade Paper Charts

All charts for Equity Sector Outlook were created with Adobe Illustrator.

Various Logos

Various Logos

Yogasteya Ambasador reimagines the "Y" as mountain pose and the "A" as downward dog pose. Embrace You Salon logo shows various styles offered. Lower right image was for an African dancer. The shape of the continent is between the dancers.

ProgressWomen logo ideas

Logo exploration

A logo design
For an advocacy group
Called ProgressWomen.

ProgressWomen business card

ProgressWomen business card

It was my pleasure to work with my state representative Stacey Newman as she transitions to her next venture ProgressWomen, a political advocacy organization for women.

3-storey bow on bldg.

Giant Bow on Building

Susan B. Komen
Three-storey illustration
for the race downtown.

Pole banner mockups

Pole Banner Design Mockups

Collateral promoting corporate philanthropy with local universities and public schools. Designs included billboards and large indoor signage.

Pole banner photo, Olive Blvd

Pole Banner

Brand colors were used.
Stock imagery spanned the pole.
Close to the mockups.

Coloring Page

Published photos

Photos published across the Washington University campus to promote and showcase Brown School activities and organizations.

Donut phone photo

WashU Powwow

Photo of a Fancy Dancer. Taken with a Canon EOS R6 and 24-105mm lens. More photos here, and at Madzendesign on Instagram

Stop The Bleed STL kids activity page

Buder Center Graduates

Honored to capture
The Brown School graduates' day
A new chapter begins

Paper chess pieces

Paper chess set

HIV activist Ted Kerr and Lois Conley, director of the Griot Museum of Black History, share the untold story of Robert Rayford, the first person to die of AIDS in 1969.

Paper chess set

ISP Macro Conference

Charles E Lewis Jr, MSW, PhD, director of Congressional Research Institute For Social Work And Policy (CRISP), speaks at the ISP Macro Conference.

video of paper chess set

ISP Macro Conference

Darlyne Bailey (speaking) and Terry Mizrahi lead the Special Commission to Advance Macro Social Work Practice.

Paper chess pieces

Brown School Recognition 

A graduate's wave
A family's pride and joy
Will help others shine

Paper chess set

Paper chess set

A paper chess set...
Made from beautiful papers.
Play of shine and matte.

video of paper chess set


A new day begins 
The quiet streets of Clayton
Brilliant sunrise breaks

Paper chess pieces


Small purple flower
Its beauty shines through the lens
A wisp of beauty

Orchid photo

Orchid photo

Four purple orchids
Growing strong in my window
A gift from nature

video of paper chess set


Orange flower blooms
Large and a sight to behold
A summer delight

Winding Staircase

Photo of a Circular Staircase

Photo of an office buiding staircase the moment someone passes the center downstairs.

Butterfly photo

Photo of a Butterfly

Photo taken with an iPhone. No filter used. See more at Madzendesign on Instagram

Photo of Statue of Saint Louis

Photo of King Saint Louis

There is a proverb:
After a game, King and Pawn
Go in the same box.

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